Long ago…

Seemingly out of nowhere, the world suddenly began to fall to pieces, fragmenting into cubes.
Many lives were lost among the disastrous collapse.
Spawned from this calamity came natural disasters, decimating all land and water.

The balance of the world was offset, and people’s lives were forever changed.

Kings, lords, politicians and religious communities desperately sought to cope with the sudden crisis,
but the chaos did not subside.

The disastrous phenomenon that reduces the land to cubes, what became known as the “fragmentation”,
continued to spread throughout the world with no signs of stopping.

—————- People prayed to the gods.

In an answer to the people’s prayers, the goddess Chroem selected an individual to fulfill the role of “Restorer”, the one who would restore the lands.

They were tasked to journey across the world and rebuild all that had been destroyed.

The tale of our Restorer, begins now.



The continent in which our story takes place.
In the center lie the forests and mountains.
To the west stretch the plains.
In the south, mountains tower 3,000 meters into the sky.
Deserts and volcanic belts sprawl through the east, and to the north lies the vast sea, with various islands coloring its expanse.
The continent is divided into five major regions by dimensional walls.


  • Restorer

    The main character you will play as.
    By command of the goddess, they set out on a journey to restore the fragmented land.
    Though the blessings of the goddess allow them to be impervious to damage, they do not have combat skills.
    Instead, they borrow power from the Spirits to support their allies.

    * You can choose to play as one of two different protagonists
  • Iris

    "Looking good, that hairstyle and outfit aren't half bad."

    A fairy assigned as a support to the Restorer by the Goddess.
    She always accompanies them and assists them however possible.
    She is a very reliable companion, and will frequently speak on behalf of the Restorer and join in conversation.
    However, sometimes she talks too much and ends up getting herself in arguments.
  • Chroem

    "I am Chroem. I have been observing this world from my Celestial Chamber, far beyond the skies"

    A goddess and "Guardian of the Realm" who protects Zofiel from the sky.
    She selects individuals who posseses the potential to communicate with spirits, heal ravaged land, and drive out evil to fulfill the role of "Restorer".
    She dispatches the selected Restorer on a mission to investigate the region of Noahtun to unravel the mystery of the fragmentation.
  • Arc

    "You can count on me! Now let's go!"

    An apprentice paladin of St. Allium.
    Though he still has a lot to learn, he dedicates himself to the Restorer to provide them protection.
    He has never traveled outside of St. Allium, so he is a bit naive in the ways of the world. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with his earnesty and kind heart. However, he can be a bit too self-sacrificing at times which can aggravate Minas.
  • Minas

    "It is said that those who follow the guidance of the goddess are certain to achieve happiness"

    Apprentice priestess of St. Allium's Society of the Goddess's Knights.
    Just like Arc, she is dedicated to the protection of the Restorer along their journey.
    She comes from a long family lineage of priests, with her father being a priest and her brother a member of the Knights of Templar. She has a relentless curiosity and likes to investigate any and every situation. She is still very early on in her studies.
  • Steele

    "If only I could do better..."

    A knight of Rahn, a city located in the northeastern part of Noahtun.
    His father, who once served under the command of Admiral Liberio Russo, is also a knight of Rahn.
    He has a very serious disposition and trains dilligently to compensate for past shortcomings.
    Everyday he finds himself struggling to meet the high expectation he sets for himself.
  • Arlea

    "I have a feeling that the key to unlocking the mystery behind the fragmentation is here"

    The head librarian of the renowned library of Meamir.
    Not only is she beautiful and intelligent, she is also very physically fit and skilled in magic-wielding.
    She had been studying the fragmentation and decided to accompany the Restorer to further investigate the phenomenon. Feeling certain that the answers to the secrets of the fragmentation lie in the sealed part of the Mimir library, she seeks to find a way of getting in.
  • Kurama

    "... How many more requests do you plan on taking that don't make you any money?"

    An engimatic young man from the southern region of Eisenreich.
    He is often lethargic and sarcastic towards others, frequently getting into disputes with Iris the fairy who he refers to dismissively as a "bug". After assisting the Restorer on a quest one day, he decided that accompanying them might benefit his motives in the longrun.
  • Clarissa

    "There's a certain stone known as the 'Supreme Magicite'. This is the stone that I'm searching for"

    A mechanical engineer who developed weapons for the military in the southern region of Eisenreich. She is a top-ranked mechanical engineer and has total confidence in her skills. She decided to take a break from engineering in pursuit of a gemstone rumored to have the power to end Eisenreich's water shortage, so she sets out to Noahtun.
  • Foushe

    "I'm sure you have your misgivings of someone such as myself handling such a task"

    A 12 year old boy from the southern region of Kurst who is a head in the coordinating members of the Kurst Federal Congress. Though his appearence may be frail and young, he has tremendous negotiating skills and an extensive network. He is always accompanied by his butler when he conducts negotiations in the Noahtun region.
  • Eliza

    "Sorry to break it to you, but I had my sights on 'em first"

    A wandering bounty hunter traveling across the region.
    She comes from the realm of Heiss, a dimension full of machines and far beyond the world of Zofiel.
    Her weapon of choice is a gun, something rare and unfamiliar in Zofiel. She was brought to this world during her quest to find the weapon's master. Though she's a bit messy and tends to tease others, her sense of justice is unwavering and she is determined to help others without concern for reward.
  • Royce

    "I'm looking for someone wearing one of these bracelets. Have you seen them around?"

    A young, peasent man from the eastern region of Anadule.
    He is an upstanding and caring gentleman as well as a fatherly figure to the group.
    Although he is always well-tempered and kind, when it comes to the lives of others or his crops being threatened, he transforms into a very different person. He left his hometown in pursuit of his family, who was scattered somewhere in Noahtun during the fragmentation.
  • Estella

    "W-Wait a minute! Nobody ever said anything about fighting! I don't have a fighting bone in me!"

    A half-elf girl born of an elven mother and a human father.
    She comes from a world known as Oberon, a realm inhabited by spirits that exists in a completely different dimension from Zofiel. She has the unique ability to hear the voices of spirits and joins the Restorer on a mission to rescue them. She has a terribly shy personality and feels very anxious when meeting people for the first time. She is notoriously aversed to the idea of fighting.



  • A Sprawling Overworld

    Our adventure takes place in the distant continent of Noahtun, a region rich in land and sea with various seasons. As you move through the overworld, the land will materialize where you advance. What awaits in the untouched regions of the world? New encounters? Battles? Perhaps an instance of fragmentation? Find out for yourself by traveling to every corner of the land.

  • Carriages and Ships

    Transportation is not limited to traveling by foot.
    Horse-drawn carriages and ships can be ridden to move freely between towns and cities.
    Use them to your advantage in your adventures across the vast land.

  • Time Progression

    Time will pass by as you explore.
    Various towns and land will look different in the morning, midday, and night.
    Be wary of nightfall as ferocious monsters begin to prowl...

  • Changes in Weather

    Weather can range from rain to snow, or even storms.
    Be sure to pay attention to the weather conditions during your travels.

  • Camp

    Not only can you check your party's equipment at camps, you can also enjoy various conversations with your teammates, craft, or even cook. What new side of your teammates might you glimpse by interacting with them...?

  • Dungeons

    Proceed through dungeons by using the Restorer's Mana.
    When monsters and fragmentation block your way, you'll have to overcome these obstacles while carefully managing your Mana resources.


      • Land Development

        Developing the land through constructing buildings and other facilities will allow you to obtain resources and make use of shops. When a certain amount of facilites are located within an area enclosed by fences, walls, or gates, it will be transformed into a town which you can uniquely name.

      • Trade

        Additionally, by creating multiple villages and towns, roads can then be created to connect them, allowing trade to take place. Resources and goods can be sold in each town.

      • Weapons

        At the blacksmith shop, you can craft weapons and armor by using certain materials and paying with your money. Through combining various materials, you can craft your own unique equipment with different abilities, attributes, and skills.


          • Restore the land

            Restoration Puzzles are a mission exclusive to the Restorer.
            By clearing the puzzle, the fragmentation of the land is then eliminated, restoring the land to its former state. During the puzzle, you may encounter fixed blocks or non-elemental blocks that will add a challenge to the puzzle.

          • Mana Extraction Puzzle

            Mana needed for battle can also be collected through Mana Extraction Puzzles.
            These puzzles are based on the number of pieces eliminated from the board. The more pieces you can eliminate, the more Mana you can obtain.


              • Battle

                Battles are innevitable while adventuring through the world. However, Restorers do not have the power to fight. Recruit the power of your teammates to help battle the monsters that attack you.

              • Battle using mana.

                During battle, your teammates will attack automatically. As the Restorer, it is your job to grant Mana to them. Through granting them Mana, it is transformed into skills that become set in your teammates' weapons. Use these Mana powered skills for an extra strong attack.