• Zanctorium

    Located in the heart of the Zofiel region, it is the only place that is connected to all of the various regions.
    It is commonly referred to as the "Holy Realm" as it is the location of the main church of the Goddess Devotees.
    It is a mountainous region with altitudes of over 3,000 meters. The climate is temperate, with no particular changes to extreme heat or extreme cold throughout the year.
  • Zanctorium Inner City

    Within the Zanctorium region, parts of the mountainsides and valleys have been carved out to create an area for people to live.
    The population is fairly low and the buildings tend to be made very short. In exchange, houses tend to have spacious floor plans.
    This building precedent was determined so as not to "look down" upon the goddess. Therefore, the tallest building in the town is the church of the Goddess Devotees.
  • Cathedral

    The white fortress was built upon the peak of the Goddess Mountain Range.
    It is decorated with statues that depict historic battles that the goddess and residents engaged in, a large chapel is also located there.
    The cathedral is heavily guarded 24 hours a day by over a thousand knights. It is said not even an ant can enter the sacred establishment.