• Noahtun

    Noahtun is located in the northernmost region of Zofiel, a region mostly engulfed by the sea.
    While the territory extends deep into the north, most residents tend to live in the southern part as the climate is warmer and more liveable.
    Within this populated southern region, there are some port cities such as Thrymheim. In contrast, the northern part of Noahtun is charecterized by yearlong ice and snowfall, with rich, dark earth and coniferous trees that can withstand extremely cold temperatures.
  • Voltesche

    A tremendous city built on an island southwest of Noahtun.
    Its construction dates nearly 200 years ago, a time when scholars and wise men in various fields were gathered under the order of then King of Noahtun to "collect wisdom from across the land".
    Later in its history, internal changes gave rise to the University of Voltesche. Presently, the university offers a broad range of studies including history, alchemy, theology, and philosophy.
    Students engage in study in the various school buildings scattered across the island.
  • Rahn

    A city located in the northeastern part of Noahtun. The city has an strong air of discipline, as it is home to a knight training school that dispatches knights.
    Rahn is also known as the source of the relief supplies Svea required to fend of the giants in the region.
    In order to fulfill their duty of defending Thryheim, Rahn provides knights to the city, in addition to Svea.
  • Thrymheim

    The sprawling capital of the Kingdom of Noahtun, located in the southeastern part of the region.
    It is said that the city was founded by humans who successfully escaped the battle against monsters and built a safehaven.
    A network of canals spread through the town, and boats have become the standard form of transportation throughout the city.
    Due to being built in a bay, shipbuilding is very popular.
  • Meamir

    On the western edge of Noahtun lies the city of Meamir.
    The heart of the city is the Great Library of Meamir, an enormous tower that holds endless volumes of literature.
    Among this collection, books from all over the world collected in a time before the Great Fragmentation, now precious relics of the past.
    Additionally, bookstores and printing shops can be found all over the region.
  • Svea

    A tremendous fortified city built 200 years in the past along the border between the north and south regions.
    Originally ccreated as a base from which to intercept the giants of the north, it stands today with the purpose of monitoring and preventing monster invasions.
    The main inhabitants of the city are soldiers and mercenaries, their families, and merchants doing business.